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Every student is unique, and learns in their own unique way, making it impossible for a single teaching style to guarantee all students understand a particular concept. This is where One-on-One tutoring makes all the difference. 

Aim Academics offers One-on-One tutoring, where our tutors offer a highly personalised approach to teaching that allows students to learn at their own speed and further develop and apply their current knowledge – giving areas of struggle the focus they deserve. 

Our Stage 2 Chemistry Workshops:

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Managing Chemical Processes

Organic & Biological Chemistry

Which Workshop Do I Attend?

We have decided to host two Chemistry workshops each week, one for each of the topics Managing Chemical Processes and Organic & Biological Chemistry. This is due to these two topics being a common clash – with different schools covering each as their second topic. 

Simply attend whichever topic you are covering in school, or there are only positives in attending both!

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For each of the subject listed above, we have tutors available for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 SACE

Our Chemistry Tutor:

John Kalyvas

John Kalyvas

Subjects Offered: Chemistry, Biology

Past Student Testimonials:

John's Tutoring Experience:


Throughout the past few years, John has been offering one-on-one tutoring and hosting weekly tutoring workshops for Chemistry and Biology.

In January this year, he also hosted Headstart Courses for these subjects, where one student, Isabella, wrote:

“Absolutely loved John’s teaching style, loved the way that I was able to make connections and understand the content without having to memorise anything.”

John work’s closely with his students in mentoring them in developing effective and efficient science-backed study techniques which allow them to experience significant improvements in their test/exam and assignment grades. 

In October 2020, John hosted Exam Preparation Courses for these subjects through Aim Academics, where his Chemistry courses reached capacity and sold out within a few days of sales opening. 

The average raw ATAR of students he tutored in 2019 and 2020 was 93.70, with 15% of his students achieving a 99+ ATAR, many of which were seeking tertiary studies in Medicine, Dentistry and Science.

About John:


Graduated with a 99.65 raw ATAR and achieved Dux of Eynesbury Senior College (ESC) in 2018.

  •  He was the highest achieving SACE Stage 2 Chemistry student of his year (20.0/20.0), receiving the Way College prize and medal for Chemistry.
  • Achieved two merits in Biology and Chemistry, with other A+ grades for Physics and Research Project.
  • Achieved Dux of Biology, Chemistry & Physics at ESC in 2018.
  • Currently undertaking his third year of a Bachelor of Science at the University of Adelaide, completing a double major in Biochemistry and Chemistry.
  • He has maintained a 7.0 GPA, achieving a High Distinction in all of his university subjects.
  • He has received two scholarships through the University of Adelaide:

– A Principal’s Scholarship (2019) on the basis of his Stage 2 academic results
– A Summer Research Scholarship (2020-2021) in the field of Biological Chemistry.

He was also offered a laboratory placement in 2021 through the University of Adelaide.

Interests / Hobbies:

  • Enjoys learning how chemical concepts underpin biological phenomena. 
  • Fascinated by the natural world and likes animals (avid David Attenborough fan). 
  • Likes going to the gym in his spare time.

How Aim Academics Can Help

Having excelled as students, we uniquely understand the skills and techniques required to obtain outstanding results.

Our tutors will not only teach you the course content, but prepare you with skills and techniques to study and manage your time effectively.

With Aim Academics you can:

  • Learn from high-achieving tutors
  • Develop study techniques you can apply throughout your academic life
  • Acquire effective exam preparation and time management skills
  • Adopt evidence-based exam strategies and techniques
  • Become proficient in answering questions by applying your existing knowledge
  • Succeed
Year 12 doesn’t need to be a year of confusion and stress, our Aim tutors are here to help.

“I had John as a tutor for over a year and I can confirm that he’s more than if not over qualified to help you succeed! I’ve always struggled with asking for help out of the fear of being made to feel dumb for not knowing something but John is someone who will never make you feel less than for not knowing something. If you’re struggling with a concept he will explain it in a way that you can understand but if you still don’t get it he will find other ways to explain the same concept until you understand. His willingness to go above and beyond for his students is why he makes an excellent tutor. I’ve met a few tutors and I don’t find them as passionate about teaching as John is, John’s passion to help share the knowledge he has with his students is what separates him from other tutors. If you have someone as passionate as John willing to help you you’re destined to do well. Another unique thing about John is his ability to make studying what can be boring and tedious content fun and interesting. John does this by adding interesting scientific facts related to the concept we are learning that we may not necessarily need to know but it keeps things interesting!”


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