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Preparing for Exams

Many students find end of year exams challenging.

Hundreds of hours are required to revise a year’s worth of content, and effective preparation is vital in achieving success.

Having recently excelled as students, we uniquely understand the skills and techniques required to obtain outstanding results.

At Aim Academics, we strive to educate our students so they too can succeed.

How We Can Help

Our exam revision courses will not only teach you the course content, but prepare you with skills and techniques to study and manage your time effectively.

With Aim Academics you can:

  • Learn from high-achieving tutors
  • Develop study techniques you can apply throughout your academic life
  • Acquire effective exam preparation and time management skills
  • Adopt evidence-based exam strategies and techniques
  • Become proficient in answering questions by applying your existing knowledge
  • Succeed

Exams require more than just the memorisation of facts; they require problem solving and abstract thinking – skills that cannot be learnt from course content alone.

Our Tutors

Archer Newton - 99.95 ATAR

Methods, Physics

99.95 ATAR (Dux), 4 merits and Governor of South Australia Commendation Award Recipient and 100% GPA in Year 12.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine (7 GPA)

Merits (4): 

  • Physics (20.0/20.0 – PERFECT SCORE)
  • Psychology
  • Research Project
  • English

Year 12 Subjects Undertaken (all A+): Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, English, Psychology, Biology, Physics, Research Project, Music: Solo Performance, Music: Ensemble Performance, 2 University subjects (HD)

John Kalyvas - 99.65 ATAR

Biology, Chemistry

99.65 ATAR (Dux), 2 merits and Way College prize and medal recipient 2018 for Chemistry (#1 in SA)

Currently studying a Bachelor of Science – double majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry (7 GPA).

Merits (2): 

  • Chemistry (20.0/20.0 – PERFECT SCORE)
  • Biology
Year 12 Subjects undertaken: Chemistry (#1 in SA 2018), Biology (A+ merit), Physics (A+), Mathematical Methods (A), and English Literary Studies (A).

Relevant University Courses completed (all High Distinctions): Molecules, Genes & Cells, Human perspectives Biology, Microbiology II and Organic Chemistry II.

What will you learn?

Exam-Taking Intuition

Subject Content

Study Techniques

Time Management

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"I highly recommend Aim Academics for tuition! Both tutors are highly knowledgeable and always ready to help you with whatever you need whether it’s drafting assignments or helping you learn difficult concepts so you can ace your tests, they have it covered!"