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Preparing The Best Way Possible for A Challenging Year

 If you are a student completing Stage 2 Biology and / or Chemistry in 2021, then it’s likely that you are unsure of what to expect, and how you should best prepare. 

With SACE making drastic changes to the styles of questions asked in to 2020 Biology exam, this is unsettling and will require students to take a different approach to be well equipped for the year ahead. (we will be taking a look at this 2020 Biology exam during the webinar)

John Kalyvas - 99.65 ATAR

Biology, Chemistry

99.65 ATAR (Dux), 2 merits and Way College prize and medal recipient 2018 for Chemistry (#1 in SA)

Currently studying a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry (7 GPA).

Merits (2): 

  • Chemistry (20.0/20.0 – PERFECT SCORE)
  • Biology
Year 12 Subjects undertaken: Chemistry (#1 in SA 2018), Biology (A+ merit), Physics (A+), Research Project (A+) Mathematical Methods (A), and English Literary Studies (A).
Relevant University Courses completed (all High Distinctions): Molecules, Genes & Cells, Human perspectives Biology, Microbiology II and Organic Chemistry II, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry II, Immunology and Virology II, Biochemistry – Metabolism II, Medicinal and Biological Chemistry II

Zoom Webinar

John Kalyvas will be hosting an online webinar for students who will be undertaking Stage 2 Biology and / or Chemistry in 2021. 


He will be discussing strategies that will help you maximise your marks in these subjects, and the best first steps you can take to achieve a 99+ ATAR (as he did). 


Session Date: Tuesday 22nd December


  • Chemistry from 5 – 5:45 pm
  • Biology from 5:45 – 6:30 pm 

Please click the button below to enter your name and email to receive an invite to the FREE online webinar.


P.S. This offer has limited spaces and the session will close once full. We CANNOT fit any extra numbers.

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