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Our Methods Tutor:

Archer Newton

Archer Newton

Subjects Offered: Physics, Maths Methods

Past Student Testimonials:

Previous Year 12 Student (2020)

Archer is a really awesome and thorough tutor who goes the extra mile to ensure all your questions are answered, and you have a full understanding of the subject. If he thinks you don’t yet understand whatever you are learning entirely, then he’ll send you some YouTube videos or send you a text containing a summary of key points, so you can look over them in your own time. Even though he is a Med student and very busy, he always makes sure to answer any questions you have out of tutoring hours. I would definitely recommend Archer as his broad knowledge and understanding of countless topics allows him to provide outside of the box thinking, so the student doesn’t just learn the information, but is able to further understand it and therefore apply it to a vast array of questions. Archer also offers the student an alternative explanation to the teacher’s, so that it can be understood from a different, and perhaps more retainable way. Keep going strong, Archer!

Rachel Hosking - Year 12 (2020)

Archer is a warm, understanding and talented young man. He communicates the learning concepts across magnificently while still being friendly and supportive of learning 24/7. His management system for booking appointments with him is smooth, quick and easy. Additionally, his drafting of SACE tasks produces A+ results.

Previous Year 12 Student (2020)

Archer is a great tutor knows what he is doing as he recently completed year 12 highly qualified to be tutoring the subjects he offers he is very selfless and flexible always willing to help even outside his sessions he tutoring and overall mentor ship has been extremely valuable and useful only wish I knew him earlier to start from the beginning of year 12 I highly recommend for any year 11/12 students whether you are struggling or want to advance your learning he will surely be able to help.

Archer's Tutoring Experience:

Students tutored by Archer in 2020 have achieved impeccable results in their tests, assignments and grades. Working with students of all skill levels, including the highest achievers. For example, Archer mentored 2 students who achieved a 99.90 and 99.4 raw ATAR.

After surveying his students last year:

Specialising in study and learning techniques, Archer has worked with hundreds of students to assist them with adopting highly effective and efficient study techniques to give them a competitive advantage against their peers.

Not only based of experience, Archer teaches techniques embedded within modern neuroscience and learning psychology that has also produced highly competitive results for students in medical school, law, engineering etc.

His experience has helped hundreds of students increase their grades, exceeding their expectations, and avoid common preparation mistakes. For example, students often believe working harder and doing the same thing as everyone else will guarantee results. 

How can you really expect to get different (and better) results if you're doing the same thing as everyone else?

Students Archer tutored in 2020 have seen great improvements in their tests and assignment grades, as he promotes efficient study skills, backed by science which help avoid the common preparation mistakes almost every student makes when studying, such as studying harder, rather than smarter.

Extremely passionate about helping students prosper, Archer runs a YouTube channel helping 3,500+ students learn the best techniques for academic success.


He believes, “There are so many ways that students prevent themselves from reaching their full potential, and I will help identify and remediate those issues.”

About Archer:


Interests / Hobbies:

  • Making Youtube videos about effective study.
  • Investment
  • Guitar and Drums
  • Soccer
  • Social events 

How Aim Academics Can Help

Having excelled as students, we uniquely understand the skills and techniques required to obtain outstanding results.

Our tutors will not only teach you the course content, but prepare you with skills and techniques to study and manage your time effectively.

With Aim Academics you can:

  • Learn from high-achieving tutors
  • Develop study techniques you can apply throughout your academic life
  • Acquire effective exam preparation and time management skills
  • Adopt evidence-based exam strategies and techniques
  • Become proficient in answering questions by applying your existing knowledge
  • Succeed
Year 12 doesn’t need to be a year of confusion and stress, our Aim tutors are here to help.

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