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Alex Kanaris

Alex Kanaris

Subjects Offered: Modern History, Ancient History

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Alex's Tutoring Experience:


Alex is currently in his final year of a Masters in Secondary Teaching, specialising in the subject area of HaSS. He also has experience working with students in a school environment during his teaching placement as part of his degree. He is highly proficient in modern pedagogical and educational practices. Alex has developed a strong understanding of the current education system, especially the SACE curriculum. Working closely with University and Secondary School educators, he understands the expectations for students studying Stage 2 HaSS subjects

About Alex:


  • Alex has completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in History & International Relations and a minor in Creative Writing.
  • Alex is currently completing his Masters of Secondary Teaching with his major learning area being HaSS (History, Geography, Civics & Business) and Minor Learning area being English.
  • Alex has extensive knowledge about the current Educational system and the inner workings of the SACE Curriculum.

Interests / Hobbies:

  • Alex has a deep passion for political history and international relations with a focus on political discourse.
  • He has spent years researching and analysing the rise and fall of totalitarian governments and leaders.
  • He has interests in United States & Australian Freedom and Rights History.

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