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Our Online Stage 2 Exam Preparation Course has been intentionally created to prevent students from making the mistakes that commonly cause students to unexpectedly underperform in their exams. 

Each year, our team witnesses students making the very same mistakes, due to many misconceptions and a lack of a clear-cut approach leading up to Year 12 exams. 

This course is to bring awareness to these mistakes, to make sure you don’t make them.

Science-Based Study Tips

Our team emphasises the importance of not only learning WHAT to study, but HOW to study. Brought to you by Study Mentor & Founder, John Kalyvas, he is sure to get you up to speed on the most efficient ways to approach your Year 12 exams.

The Most Common Misconceptions in Year 12 Subjects

Many students 'forget' that the very same concepts that cause them to lose marks in their subject SATs are the exact same concepts that you will be critically assessed on in the end of year exams. Let's make sure this isn't the case.

The Most Critical Stage 1 & 2 Concepts to Master

Our team has helped 100s of students achieve top marks for Stage 2. We have been able to do this by outlining the most critical concepts and more importantly, skills, from Stage 1, which are not what most students expect.

What's upcoming & What to do NOW

Through this course, we will take a look at the Stage 2 courses for some of the most popular subjects, emphasising the most important knowledge and skills for you to develop leading up to exams. We will reveal what you should be doing now that most students aren't doing.

Covering the hardest Year 12 subjects

Our free course has videos discussing the most important aspects to be prepared for in regards to Year 12 exams, specific to each subject listed below.

There is a massive pool of mistakes and traps Year 12s run into and you’ll learn what to look out for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math Methods, Specialist Maths and General Maths to ensure you’re actually ready come exam day. 

Brought to you by Our Founder

John Kalyvas founded Aim Academics to transform the way Year 12 SACE students approach their studies. Each year, he saw hard-working students spending countless hours studying, only to under-perform in the tests or the final exam, due to inefficient study; despite doing well in year 11. Recognising that so many students’ academic short-comings are due to inefficient study, our team has since made an endeavour to revolutionise student’s approach to study. 

Our team has helped hundreds of students successfully enter into their dream courses and achieve impressive ATARs. We are passionate about helping as many students as possible unlock their true academic potential. 

99.65 ATAR (Dux), 2 merits and Way College prize and medal recipient 2018 for Chemistry (#1 in SA)

Bachelor of Science – double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Currently studying a Master of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry

HDR Scholarship recipient from the University of Adelaide (on the basis of outstanding academic performance) 

Merits (2):

  • Chemistry (20.0/20.0)
  • Biology
Year 12 Subjects undertaken: Chemistry (#1 in SA 2018), Biology (A+ merit), Physics (A+), Mathematical Methods (A), and English Literary Studies (A).

Hear why top-achieving students love our courses​

I would highly recommend Aim Academics. The sessions are extremely informative and the teaching styles make the content easy to understand no matter your experience level. The pricing is excellent, especially considering that you receive print outs of exam style questions as well as the lecture. Many of my friends who attended these sessions as well as the revision seminars run by the Universities (which cost hundreds of dollars) reported that Aim Academics were much more helpful.

I liked how the more difficult parts of the topic were covered to a higher level of depth, as this ensured that the time was used to give maximum benefit to the students, rather than simply cover the content.
Jasemine Masefield
2020 Yr 12 Graduate (99.15 ATAR, School Dux of Physics, Methods, Spec, Chemistry and Research Project, ADF Future Innovators Award.)
Aim Academics is a wonderful option for students looking to either refresh their minds, gain an introduction to key topics, or a little bit of both! John was an extremely engaging tutor, with invaluable insight as to how to best prepare yourself for and navigate through Year 12 study. It was refreshing to have a tutor who has recently gone through the same subjects (and stress!) that I am about to enter into, who is also enrolled in a relevant university degree. The environment is comfortable but stimulating, and any questions are happily answered without any rushing through. The sessions themselves and the access to extra content is well worth the very fair pricing. I feel much more confident going into my classes, and I fully intend to return for more tutoring. I can't recommend Aim Academics enough!
Alexa Gill
2021 Yr 12 Graduate (Headstart Student)
Absolutely loved John’s teaching style, loved the way that I was able to make connections and understand the content without having to memorise anything.
Bella Courtney
2021 Yr 12 Graduate (99.15 ATAR)
You really helped me to see things from another perspective. I got an overall A+ in physics with an A+ in the exam. Thank you!!! I ended up getting in several medical schools:
CDU, Uni of Adl, UWA, UQ, JCU
Cindy Jongue
2020 Yr 12 Graduate (A+ in Physics (all components))

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