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Our Physics Tutor:

Matthew Rumley

Matthew Rumley

Subjects Offered: Physics

Past Student Testimonials:

Matthew's Tutoring Experience:

Matthew is passionate about applying his broad skillset within academia and education in assisting students score truely impressive SACE results. He has extensive experience in working one-on-one with students to meet their academic goals, as well as larger group workshops.

He has a passion for guiding young adults through the intricate and complex world of physics, helping them to intuit solutions to problems and develop the mathematical toolkit that unlocks high-level engagement in the physical sciences.

His adaptable teaching style challenges students to push themselves and their understanding to expose their misconceptions and build a better framework for critical and evaluative thinking.

Throughout his tutoring sessions he also aims to highlight to students the potential areas of growth in the field and where further study will integrate with the current material.

He is also currently applying his advanced skills in Mathematics in developing a comprehensive Online Course for high-achieving students. 

About Matthew:


  • Graduated with a 99.80 raw ATAR from Thomas More College in 2018, simultaneously completing his Year 11 and 12 studies.
  • Achieved Dux of Physics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Music – Composing and Arranging, and Music – Musicianship at TMC
  • Completed a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide in 2021, majoring in Theoretical Physics, with a GPA of 6.85.
  • Completed 3 years of University-level Mathematics and Physics, achieving the Faculty of Sciences Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in all 3.
  • Awarded membership into the Golden Key International Honour Society in my first year.
  • Is currently undertaking an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science at the University of Adelaide.
  • Currently enrolled in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics courses ranging from Gauge Field Theory and Quantum Electrodynamics to General Relativity and Differential Geometry.

Interests / Hobbies:

  • Loves musical theatre and conducts the cast and orchestra of amateur shows across Adelaide.
  • Reads both fiction and non-fiction in his spare time for relaxation.
  • Enjoys travelling and camping around Australia.
  • Likes to compose and arrange music.
  • Plays a wide array of instruments including piano, double bass, clarinet, and saxophone.

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