Stage 2 Biology (Day 4)


Homeostatic Control

  • Homeostasis tolerance limits
  • Stimulus response model
  • Positive and negative feedback
  • The nervous system
  • The reflex arc as a homeostatic mechanism
  • The endocrine system
  • Regulating blood glucose levels
  • Controlling body temperature
  • Osmoregulation in humans


Detailed Stage 2 Biology Revision Course hosted by a high achieving graduate (99.65 ATAR & Dux) and current second year Bachelor of Science student, double majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

This course will review all of the topics covered in SACE Stage 2 Biology. These include:

  • Topic 1: DNA & Proteins
  • Topic 2: Cells as the Basis of Life
  • Topic 3: Homeostasis
  • Topic 4: Evolution. 

This course will familiarise you with science-based learning and exam revision strategies that will best equip you to maximise your exam marks. Such skills you will develop throughout this course are guaranteed to promote an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts, which is essential for approaching exam questions with unfamiliar contexts. 

In reviewing the content, you will gain an understanding of the key concepts being tested in the exam and thus effective strategies to approach your exam questions to obtain full marks. 

You will be provided with exam-style questions written for and tailored to this revision course, as well as comprehensive answers written by a high achiever. 

This course will be hosted over 5 days in-person at the Eynesbury Senior College campus on Franklin Street from 1 – 3 pm from Monday 27th September until Friday 1st October. Online attendance via Zoom will also be available. 

Each session will have a duration of 2hrs, making a total of 10hrs of your exam revision complete – and done right.

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