Stage 2 Biology Workshop (TBA)


In Person, Zoom (and Recorded)

This week’s workshop we will be covering concepts from Topic 2 of SACE Stage 2 Biology, Cells as the Basis of Life.

In this workshop, we will be reviewing content covered in previous workshops, which include:

  • Cell types
  • Photosynthesis and influencing factors
  • Metabolic pathways
  • Energy

In this workshop, we will be discussing:

  • Metabolic control; how biosynthesis of natural products is regulated, what happens when things go wrong (e.g. genetic disorders) and how humans can develop drugs to interfere with them!
  • Cellular respiration (glycolysis & the Krebs cycle as examples of metabolic pathways)
  • The endosymbiotic theory; the process and the modern day evidence.
  • Cellular membrane transport (e.g. facilitated diffusion, active transport etc..)


Note: Pre-purchasing this product here will register your attendance to the next Biology workshop, hosted on the nearest Sunday at 2-4 pm. 

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Stage 2 Biology Workshop hosted by Aim Academic’s Biology tutor, John Kalyvas (99.65 ATAR), a current third year Bachelor of Science student, double majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

John will familiarise you with science-based learning and study strategies that will best equip you to maximise your marks throughout year 12. 

In covering the content, you will gain an understanding of the key concepts being tested and develop effective strategies to approach your test and exam questions.

You will be provided with test and exam-style questions written for and tailored to the weekly sessions, as well as comprehensive answers written by John. 

Each session will have a duration of 2hrs run in person, online and recorded.


Are you unsure of what to expect?

Here is a short snippet of one of John’s recent Workshops, discussing some more advanced concepts related to enzyme inhibitors.

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