Stage 2 Chemistry (Day 1)


Environmental and Analytical Chemistry 

  • Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Photochemical Smog


Detailed Stage 2 Chemistry Headstart Course hosted by John Kalyvas, a highly experienced and knowledgeable Chemistry tutor (99.65 ATAR & Dux, Bsc).

John has a Bachelor of Science – with double majors in Chemistry & Biochemistry and is currently undertaking a Master of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry under a HDR academic scholarship granted by the University of Adelaide. He has been tutoring for 3+ years, helping hundreds of students excel in their studies of Chemistry & Biology (as well as higher-level university courses). 

This course will cover two topics covered in SACE Stage 2 Chemistry. These include:

  • Topic 1: Managing the Environment
  • Topic 3: Organic and Biological Chemistry

Managing the Environment is where most students will begin their journey of Stage 2 Chemistry, so it is best to polish this topic as early as possible. Such topic includes some tricky concepts, including Back & Indirect Titration, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) and Chromatography; of which we will put emphasis on.

Organic Chemistry sounds inherently frightening (and a lot of students struggle with it), however, John is particularly passionate about Organic / Synthetic Chemistry, having completed several related Chemistry courses as part of his undergraduate degree (and hence is sure to get you up to speed before the year ahead).

This course will also familiarise you with science-based learning and study strategies that will best equip you to maximise your marks throughout year 12; such as strategies to tackle “curve-ball questions” in tests and exams.

You will be provided with test and exam-style questions written for and tailored to this headstart course. 

Each session will have a duration of 2hrs, making a total of 10hrs of your year 12 study complete – and done right.

This course will be held online via Zoom from 3:30 – 5:30 pm from Monday 17th – Friday 21st January. 

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