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Every year 12 student meets unexpected and unique challenges throughout their journey that distract from the end-goal.

Sometimes all you want is personalised guidance and feedback to consistently ensure that you’re on the right path to reach your goals, especially in the midst of a chaotic school year. 

Finding a tutor who understands you and your academic goals and needs shouldn’t require hours of frustration and disappointment. 

Aim tutors care just as much about your academic performance as you do, we are here to help. 

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Having recently excelled as students, we uniquely understand the skills and techniques required to obtain outstanding results.

Our tutors will not only teach you the course content, but prepare you with skills and techniques to study and manage your time effectively.

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  • Learn from high-achieving tutors
  • Develop study techniques you can apply throughout your academic life
  • Acquire effective exam preparation and time management skills
  • Adopt evidence-based exam strategies and techniques
  • Become proficient in answering questions by applying your existing knowledge
  • Succeed
Year 12 doesn’t need to be a year of confusion and stress, our Aim tutors are here to help.

Our Tutors

Archer Newton - 99.95 ATAR

Maths Methods, Physics

99.95 ATAR (Dux), 4 merits and Governor of South Australia Commendation Award Recipient and 100% GPA in Year 12.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine (7 GPA)

Merits (4): 

  • Physics (20.0/20.0 – PERFECT SCORE)
  • Psychology
  • Research Project
  • English

Year 12 Subjects Undertaken (all A+): Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, English, Psychology, Biology, Physics, Research Project, Music: Solo Performance, Music: Ensemble Performance, 2 University subjects (HD).

John Kalyvas - 99.65 ATAR

Biology, Chemistry

99.65 ATAR (Dux), 2 merits and Way College prize and medal recipient 2018 for Chemistry (#1 in SA)

Currently studying a Bachelor of Science – double majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry (7 GPA).

Merits (2): 

  • Chemistry (20.0/20.0 – PERFECT SCORE)
  • Biology
Year 12 Subjects undertaken: Chemistry (#1 in SA 2018), Biology (A+ merit), Physics (A+), Research Project (A+), Mathematical Methods (A), and English Literary Studies (A).

– Principal’s Scholarship Recipient  (Adelaide University) 2019
– Summer Research Scholarship 
Recipient (Adelaide University) 2020-2021 (Biological Chemistry)

Samin Yazarloo - 98.30

Psychology, General Maths

98.30 ATAR, A+ with merit in Psychology and Dux of Psychology at school in year 12. 

Currently studying a Bachelor of Science with a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) (Teaching majors in Psychology and Biology) 

Merits (1):

  • Psychology

Year 12 Subjects undertaken: Psychology (A+ merit), General Maths (A+), English (A), Biology (A) 

Teaching Experience through First year Bachelor of Teaching placement at Torren’s Valley Christian School. 

Experience in teaching students with learning difficulties.

Working with Children Check and Working with Vulnerable People Check. 

Giovanni Elias- 99.90 ATAR

General Maths, English, Research Project

99.90 ATAR (Dux), 5 merits and Governor of South Australia Commendation Award Recipient and 100% GPA in Year 12.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine/Doctor of Medicine – Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship

Merits (5): 

  • Biology
  • Psychology 
  • Research Project 
  • English 
  • General Mathematics 
Year 12 Subjects Undertaken (all A+): Chemistry, Biology, English, Psychology, General Mathematics, Research Project,  1 University subject (HD).

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