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Tutoring is not just for those who struggle in a particular subject and are seeking additional support, it can be a great way to guide any student to reach their full potential.

Aim Academics offer a range of tutoring services to best prepare students to excel in their high school studies

Assisting with the most popular school subjects; we help students at every level of education, both those struggling and those looking to excel by solidifying current learning and expand into more advanced concepts. 

We acknowledge the importance of developing advanced problem solving skills & intuition in reaching academic success. We aim to assist students in developing such critical  skills to unlock higher-level learning, engagement and academic  performance.  

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Success Does Not Happen by Chance Alone.

Year 12 is easily one of, if not, the most important year of your academic life.

Without adopting the right mindset, and applying the right strategies and techniques, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the ongoing pressure of such a critical schooling year.

However, with the right guidance, you can learn such critical skills to navigate through the confusing maze of year 12 and prevent disappointment.

If you really want to minimise the uncertainty in reaching your academic goals, it’s worthwhile securing guidance from someone who has not only been through the process themselves, but excelled in doing so.

Aim Academics Can Help

Having recently excelled as students, we uniquely understand the skills and techniques required to obtain outstanding results.

With Aim Academics you can:

Learn from experience and specialised tutors

Develop study techniques you can apply throughout your academic life

Acquire effective test/exam preparation and time management skills

Adopt evidence-based study strategies and techniques 

Become proficient in applying your existing knowledge in all assessments


Subject Coordinators:

Archer Newton - 99.95 ATAR

Methods, Physics

99.95 ATAR (Dux), 4 merits and Governor of South Australia Commendation Award Recipient and 100% GPA in Year 12.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine (7 GPA)

Merits (4): 

  • Physics (20.0/20.0 – PERFECT SCORE)
  • Psychology
  • Research Project
  • English

Year 12 Subjects Undertaken (all A+): Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, English, Psychology, Biology, Physics, Research Project, Music: Solo Performance, Music: Ensemble Performance, 2 University subjects (HD).

John Kalyvas - 99.65 ATAR

Biology, Chemistry

99.65 ATAR (Dux), 2 merits and Way College prize and medal recipient 2018 for Chemistry (#1 in SA)

Currently studying a Bachelor of Science – double majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry (7 GPA).

Merits (2): 

  • Chemistry (20.0/20.0 – PERFECT SCORE)
  • Biology
Year 12 Subjects undertaken: Chemistry (#1 in SA 2018), Biology (A+ merit), Physics (A+), Research Project (A +), Mathematical Methods (A), and English Literary Studies (A).

– Principal’s Scholarship Recipient  (Adelaide University) 2019
– Summer Research Scholarship 
Recipient (Adelaide University) 2020 – 2021 (Biological Chemistry)

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Exam-Taking Intuition

Subject Content

Study Techniques

Time Management

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