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John Kalyvas

John Kalyvas

Subjects Offered: Biology, Chemistry

Past Student Testimonials:

John's Tutoring Experience:


Throughout the past few years, John has been offering one-on-one tutoring and hosting weekly tutoring workshops for Chemistry and Biology.

In January 2021, he also hosted Headstart Courses for these subjects, where one student, Isabella (who achieved a 99.15 raw ATAR), wrote:

“Absolutely loved John’s teaching style, loved the way that I was able to make connections and understand the content without having to memorise anything.”

John work’s closely with his students in mentoring them in developing effective and efficient science-backed study techniques which allow them to experience significant improvements in their test/exam and assignment grades. 

In October 2020, John hosted Exam Preparation Courses for these subjects through Aim Academics, where his Chemistry courses reached capacity and sold out within a few days of sales opening. 

The average raw ATAR of students he tutored in 2019 and 2020 was 93.70, with 15% of his students achieving a 99+ ATAR, many of which were seeking tertiary studies in Medicine, Dentistry and Science.

About John:


  • Graduated with a 99.65 raw ATAR and achieved Dux of Eynesbury Senior College (ESC) in 2018.
  •  He was the highest achieving SACE Stage 2 Chemistry student of his year (20.0/20.0), receiving the Way College prize and medal for Chemistry.
  • Achieved two merits in Biology and Chemistry, with other A+ grades for Physics and Research Project.
  • Achieved Dux of Biology, Chemistry & Physics at ESC in 2018.
  • Completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Adelaide, with a double major in Biochemistry and Chemistry.
  • Currently undertaking a Master of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry under an academic HDR Scholarship (granted on the basis of outstanding academic achievement throughout his undergraduate degree)
  • He has maintained a 6.9 GPA throughout his undergraduate degree.
  • He has received two other scholarships through the University of Adelaide: A Principal’s Scholarship (2019) on the basis of his Stage 2 academic results & a Summer Research Scholarship (2020-2021) in the field of Biological Chemistry.

Interests / Hobbies:

  • Enjoys learning how chemical concepts underpin biological phenomena. 
  • Fascinated by the natural world and likes animals (avid David Attenborough fan). 
  • Likes going to the gym in his spare time.

Interested in University Tutoring?

John also offers tutoring for the following courses offered at the University of Adelaide:

First Year:

  • ALL first year Chemistry Courses. 
  • Molecules, genes & cells
  • Human Perspectives

Second Year:

  • Biochemistry II: Molecular & Cell Biology 
  • Biochemistry II: Metabolism
  • Microbiology II
  • Immunology & Virology II
  • Organic Chemistry II
  • Physical & Inorganic Chemistry II
  • Medicinal & Biological Chemistry II

Third Year:

  • Organic Chemistry III
  • Biochemistry III: Molecular & Structural Biology
  • Inorganic Chemistry III
  • Medicinal & Biological Chemistry III
  • Advanced Synthetic Methods
  • Biochemistry III: Cancer, Stem Cells & Development 

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